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bookeeping FAQs
How Does Client Bookkeeping Solution Work? []
We’ll install the software and set you up to start using it. Then, during each processing period (typically monthly)…Your office writes checks and records your company’s day-to-day accounting transactions in the software. If you have questions, attach an electronic “Note to Accountant.” When the period is complete, make your data available to us online, via email, or on diskette. Our office will then retrieve your transaction information and directly transfer it into our system to avoid errors. We’ll review your notes, answer your questions, and ensure transactions are marked for the proper accounts. Finally, our office prepares your financial statements, provides analysis, offers advice, and delivers your statements to you.

How Much Do You Charge For This Service? []
It all depends. Each client’s business is different. We base our fee on factors such as: the number of monthly transactions, number of bank accounts used by the business, and the complexity of business operations. This analysis will result in us quoting a fee that is either fixed monthly or by the hour, whichever the client prefers.

Will Your Fee Pay For Itself? []
Great question! We are biased, but yes, we believe outsourcing your accounting function via our system pays for itself in several ways. First, you’ll be freeing up your time to manage your business and not let it manage you. Second, you will be less likely to have compliance issues that often result in substantial penalties and interest to taxing authorities. Third, with accurate and real-time data for us to analyze, you should almost always pay less in taxes, as we can use real numbers and not “guesstimates” when planning. Who hasn’t asked their accountant if they should purchase that piece of business equipment this year or wait to next year? When you use our bookkeeping software coupled with our analysis, we can answer that question accurately and emphatically. Fourth, if you need to move fast to purchase real estate, need a line of credit, etc. your banker can get up-to-date, accurate data. Finally, speaking of bankers, they’ll be most impressed with how organized and serious your business is, and that doesn’t hurt when you are trying to borrow money!

I Use Quickbooks. Why Should I Switch To Using Your Software? []
A common question. Quickbooks is a decent program, but it has major drawbacks. First, it isn’t a true double-entry accounting program. It allows users to do things that make us accountants downright nervous. At a recent seminar, IRS personnel stated that the NUMBER ONE area of non-compliance on business tax returns is from Quickbooks users! Why? It’s because users lack general accounting skills, they don’t properly set-up the program, they fail to properly record transactions, users make data-entry mistakes, and they don’t understand how accountants have to account for transactions on the tax return. ALL OF THIS IS AVOIDED OR REDUCED WITH OUR BOOKKEEPING SOLUTION! We spend more time fixing Quickbooks mistakes than working with our clients on tax saving strategies and business management. It should be the other way around. Our bookkeeping solution solves this dilemma.

My Current System Seems To Work, Should I Consider A Change? []
In most cases, yes! Using our bookkeeping solution simply saves you money. The technology behind it is leading-edge, and you’ll reap financial benefits soon after implementing. Maybe your current system does work, but what if we could show you how you could improve information exchange between us faster and more efficient. This solution allows you to handle more information in less time. Your business could continue to grow without hiring additional office staff.

Did I See That My Tax Return Can Be Done For Free? []
Yes! We believe so strongly that our bookkeeping solution will free you up to devote more time to managing your business and will result in fewer compliance issues and will reduce your tax burden that we are offering clients who begin using our system FREE BUSINESS TAX PREPARATION! We will be only offering this for a limited-time so don’t pass this opportunity up! No strings attached. Become one of our satisfied monthy or quarterly bookkeeping clients and your business tax return preparation is on us! A tremendous value-added service!

What modules are available? []
The basic module is the checkwriting software. Optional additional modules are: paycheck writer, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statements, and onlilne banking.

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