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Get An Instant or 1-4 day Refund Anticipation Loan and Get Cash Fast! 

Tax-Pro, Inc. puts the anticipated tax refunds of our clients on warp speed with refund anticipation loans!  This year, we’ve teamed up with the industry leader, Chase Bank, N.A. to deliver low-cost instant and 1-4 day refund anticipation loans. 

Instant Refund Anticipation Loan
With an Instant RAL, qualifying clients who are approved can leave our office with a check for up to $1500 within minutes of us completing their tax return.  To be considered, clients must have a standard W2 and a minimum refund of at least $2500.  Your remaining refund, if any, will be disbursed via the standard 1-4 day RAL.  This product is a loan in anticipation of your expected tax refund.  Chase Bank, N.A. charges a fee for this product.

1-4 Day Refund Anticipation Loan
The “classic” RAL, this product advances our clients anticipated tax refund to them typically within 1-4 days.  Clients must be expecting to receive at least a $300 Federal tax refund and not more than $10,000.   This product is a loan in anticipation of your expected tax refund.

  • Low RAL prices!  The RAL fee for RALs from $1,001 to $10,000 is 1% of the Loan Amount
  • Fee for RALs from $300-$1000 is $3.00!  $1,000 RAL at a 9.98% APR!
  • All RAL APRs are 33.52% or less (Not including Instant RALs)
  • Total Bank Fees for a $3,600 RAL are $68.  ($32.00 Account fee + $36.00 RAL fee)
  • Total RAL fees are less than other RAL lenders programs for independent tax preparers!

You’ve waited all year . . . and you CAN wait 8-15 more days

If you don’t need your money instantly or within 1-4 days, Tax-Pro, Inc. via Chase Bank, N.A. offers a convenient way to receive your refund.  With a Bonus Deposit Account, an account is opened for you at the bank to receive the Direct Deposit of your federal and/or State tax refund.  As a result, our fees can be deducted straight from your refund resulting in no out-of-pocket expenses to you!  You receive all of the benefits of electronic filing and Direct Deposit with all fees deducted from your refund, even if you don’t have a checking or savings account.  Clients can choose to receive their funds via a Cashier’s Check or through Direct Deposit to your pre-existing checking or savings account. 

The fee for this product is $32.  An additional $10 is charged for each State refund deposited.

Additionally, you can choose standard Direct Deposit with electronic filing or choose to receive a paper check from the IRS.  Those options take 8-21 days and are lower cost alternatives to the above mentioned bank products.

Before your appointment:
Print, download, and complete these forms you’ll need to bring with you to your appointment to process your RAL and/or bank product:

Taxpayer Disclosure Form
Form 8879

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Fast cash FAQs
What documents will I need to get a RAL? []
You will need a valid, unexpired picture ID and preferably your Social Security card. You could also use a major credit card, union membership, or check cashing card in lieu of the Social Security card requirement.

Is a RAL my actual tax refund? []
No. A RAL is a loan made from a participating lender “in anticipation” of your actual tax refund. It is a cash advance on your refund.

Is the IRS involved in RALs? []
No! The IRS has no involvement in any phase of the RAL program. A RAL is a loan agreement made between you and the lender.

Will I be charged interest on this loan? []
Yes. Participating lenders charge interest on making RALs available to clients who request them. Tax-Pro, Inc. has partnered with Chase Bank, N.A., thru Chase TRP, to bring you the lowest RAL fees (finance charges) in the industry for independent tax preparers. Chase is committed to being the low-cost RAL provider in the industry.

What will my finance charge be? []
RAL bank fees are based upon the amount of your refund you are financing. For 2009, the low-cost fees from our RAL bank partner, Chase Bank, N.A. are as follows: Loan amount $300-$1000 RAL Fee $3.00 Loan amount $1,001-$10,000 RAL fee $10.01-$100.00 (1% of Loan Amount). For 2009, all RAL APRs are 33.52% or less (Not including Instant RALs).

Can I include my State tax refund in the RAL? []
No, you can only include your federal refund in your RAL amount.

What are your disbursement methods for receiving my RAL? []
The preferred method is via a paper Cashier’s check printed from our office. You could also have your RAL proceeds Direct Deposited into your pre-existing checking or savings account.

Where can I cash my RAL check? []
Tax-Pro, Inc. has a long-standing check cashing arrangement with all Skowhegan Savings Bank branches throughout Central Maine. Existing Skowhegan Savings customers can, with proper ID, cash or deposit their RAL Cashier’s Check on the spot. Non Skowhegan Savings Bank customers can also cash their RAL check at any location for a very modest fee of $5.00. Please have proper ID when you visit their location. Additionally, Chase Bank, N.A. has check cashing agreements with all of its Chase Bank branches nationwide, most Wal-Mart locations for amounts up to $2999.99 and at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide with properly equipped Vcom check cashing kiosk.

Why does my local bank put a 2-5 day hold on my RAL check? []
We’ve been asking this ourselves for years! Most logical explanation is a lack of understanding of how RALs work. The bottom line is THERE IS NO VALID REASON YOUR BANK PUTS A HOLD ON A RAL CHECK! All industry issued RAL checks are Cashier’s Checks drawn on large national or regional banks. The funds have been received by the check issuing institution and issued to the client via Cashier’s check. RAL checks contain a toll-free number for local banks to call to verify the funds are available and “good.” Again, see the preceding FAQ to avoid any problems cashing your check and please inform us of any banks who still insist on holding your check. We’ll work to educate them.

Do I have to get a RAL? []
No. We offer RALs as a convenience to our clients who, usually due to economic conditions, cannot wait the standard 8-15 days for their refund. RALs not only put money in our clients hands fast, but fees for our professional and quality tax preparation service can be deducted with no out-of-pocket costs to the client. Clients are always free to choose a non-RAL option, such as Direct Deposit or Refund Check for purposes of receiving their refund.

How long has Tax-Pro, Inc. been a RAL provider? []
Since before we officially became Tax-Pro, Inc. 20 years ago. We know the RAL process, the procedures, and the requirements and are committed to partnering with industry leaders in this area.

Who decides if my RAL is approved? []
The RAL lender does. The IRS is not involved in any way. The RAL lender will evaluate the information contained on your tax return and determine if you are approved. In our experience, the vast majority of clients who apply are approved by the lender.

Does everyone qualify for a RAL? []
No. Several eligibility hurdles must be passed. This list is NOT exhaustive. See your Tax-Pro, Inc. service rep for other criteria. Clients must be 18 years old. RAL proceeds, after deduction of all fees and finance charges, must be at least $100. Clients tax return address must be within the U.S., one of it’s possessions, or from a U.S. Military Post Office. The client has not filed, nor anticipates filing bankruptcy. The client has provided written consent to Tax-Pro, Inc. to share tax return data with Chase TRP. The client is not an active member of the Armed Forces or the spouse, child, or dependent of an active member of the Armed Forces.

Ok. I applied for a RAL and was denied. What happens next? []
If your RAL is denied, it isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t imply that there is necessarily anything wrong with your tax return or refund. Because each RAL applicant is simultaneously opening a temporary account at the RAL bank provider, any refund that is subsequently deposited into your account at the RAL bank will be disbursed to you, typically within 8-15 of your RAL being denied. You won’t be charged a RAL finance charge, just the $32 account set-up fee standard for all bank product clients. Of course, if your refund is being delayed by IRS for any reason, your refund will take longer than the 8-15 days mentioned here.

How does my RAL get paid back? []
When the IRS issues your refund, it will issue it to Chase Bank, N.A. per your instructions. As long as the amount paid by the IRS to Chase equals or exceeds the amount Chase loaned you via the RAL, you loan is repaid in full. If, for some reason, IRS issues an amount to Chase less than what Chase originally loaned you, you are obviously responsible to repay this amount to Chase per the terms of the RAL agreement.

I applied for a RAL and wasn’t approved. 100% of my refund was taken to pay a government debt. Now what? []
Well, we presume the good news is that your government debt is lower or now paid off. Bad news is you won’t likely be getting a tax refund this year and you now owe Tax-Pro, Inc. for our fees in performing the services you asked us to perform. Remember, you shouldn’t be applying for a RAL or bank product if you have outstanding obligations to government entities in the first place. Second, since we only get paid if you get your refund, you must settle up with us for your outstanding bill for filing your tax return.

I prepare my own return and/or had someone else do it. Can I still get a RAL or bank product through Tax-Pro, Inc. []
Yes! Though this is becoming less and less common, we can e-file your self-prepared or prepared return for you for purposes of facilitating a RAL.

Do you charge any fees for handling the RAL paperwork? []
Yes. Tax-Pro, Inc. charges an application/processing fee of $18. We feel this is more than reasonable for the extra work involved administratively for processing and originating RALs and tax related bank products.

Do I have to get all of my refund back now? []
No. Our RAL program allows flexibility. Thus, if your tax refund is $4700, and you’d like to lower your RAL fee you could request a RAL for $2700, and get the remaining $2000 back 8-15 days later. Doing this saves you on the RAL finance charge.

Any out-of-pocket expenses? []
No. All bank related tax products have no out-of-pocket costs to you. All fees are deducted from your RAL proceeds.

I used a national tax chain last year for my RAL. Can I use Tax-Pro, Inc. for my RAL this year? []
Yes. The banks that participate in the RAL program share information each year. Thus, even though you may have used the services of another last year (we wonder why you would have done that!) you can absolutely use us this year. Your chances for approval of your RAL request are similar from bank to bank. Thus, if you have had positive prior RAL experience elsewhere, you shouldn’t usually have any problems.

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