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Payroll FAQs
Is Tax-Pro, Inc. a licensed payroll processor? []
Yes! Tax-Pro, Inc. is a licensed payroll processor for your peace of mind. Maine license #PRL580

Is Tax-Pro, Inc. bonded for payroll services?  []
No! We are not required to be bonded because unlike many of our competitors, we choose NOT to have access to YOUR payroll checkbook. In other words, we don’t impound (sweep your money into our account) for purposes of processing your payroll. The payroll horror stories we all here about are from payroll companies who have access to their clients bank accounts and then use that money to finance their own business operations instead of paying their client’s payroll taxes to the proper taxing authorities.

So why don’t you impound our payroll? []
We believe choosing not to impound gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors who generally give you no choice. It’s your money, not ours. We don’t think it is good business to charge you for processing your payroll AND make money off of your money on the “float”, which is the interest we would earn on your money when we sweep it into our account each week for purposes of paying your payroll. The interest earned on the “float” is significant, and it is a hidden fee you incur and is pure profit for the companies that impound. You should earn that interest, not the payroll company!

My business isn’t in Maine but I’d like to use your services. Can you still process my payroll? []
Yes! Our payroll services are available to businesses in all 50 states. In fact, payroll processing is rather impersonal, in that it is usually conducted via online, fax, or phone each pay period. Thus, it lends itself well to being done from anywhere. That said, we strive to make it personal with superior service and dedicated professionals ready to serve you.

I want to change payroll processors and begin using your service instead. Is it easy to switch to you? []
Yes! Your dedicated payroll professional makes it easy to switch to Tax-Pro, Inc. Generally speaking, we can have you up and running with our payroll service within a few days after you commit to using us.

Why should I outsource my payroll? []
Many small business owners underestimate the total time they devote to payroll related tasks. It takes more time than they realize, payroll compliance is hard work, they have nowhere to turn with questions, and it’s easier to add additional benefits down the road. Payroll is much more than writing checks each pay period; it is also properly calculating net pay, preparing quarterly and year-end tax forms, filing W-2s, and handling employee inquiries. Tax laws and employment regulations are increasingly complex and changing, causing small business to fall out of compliance. Payroll is not a core competency for most small business owners. By outsourcing, owners can access a team of experts to help with issues and answer questions. Outsourcing allows small business owners to add additional benefits down the road-retirement plans, direct deposit, and cafeteria plans.

How much does it cost to have you process our payroll? []
It all depends. Payroll fees are generally comprised of the number of employees in each payroll run and the frequency of your payroll (weekly, bi-weekly etc). Additional fees may apply for optional services such as web employee access or online data entry. To receive your personalized quote, complete our online quote form or call (207) 474-2999 or 1-800-679-5006 and ask for a payroll quote.

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