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Should I incorporate? 
Should I dissolve my corporation? 
What business entity will best suit my current and future needs, while minimizing my tax obligations? 
What Fringe Benefits can I take advantage of? 

We get these and many other questions frequently.   With your taxproinc tax professional, we’ll take the tax complexities of business entities and bring it down to an understandable, personal level.  We’ll  share with you real-world tax reduction strategies for your corporation, LLC, or partnership that are often times simple, yet effective.  With our familiarity and exposure to a wide array of business industries, we will often uncover tax deductions or tax reduction strategies missed by other tax accountants who lack our real world experience in working with various business entities.

If you are looking for a tax accounting firm committed to innovative yet proven tax reduction strategies  for your business entity coupled with both a theoretical and practical working knowledge of the tax code, we invite you to get started with us today by calling or contacting us by email.

Start utilizing our excellent bookkeeping /accounting services today and your corporate, partnership, or LLC tax return is FREE!

This is truly a service that really pays!  Without question, our business clients that pay the lowest amount of tax each year and who are continually in compliance are our monthly or quarterly bookkeeping clients.  Why is this?  It’s simple, really.  We become familiar with their finances, and because we constantly have accurate, reliable, dependable data with which to work with, we can monitor both their tax and cash situation throughout the year, and recommend appropriate tax reduction strategies or avoid tax pitfalls before it is too late!   

As trusted tax and business advisors, we know that you don’t want to get bogged down in the day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting activities of your business.   Why not outsource that important function to taxproinc…and free up your time to do what you are best at! 

Recently, it was revealed that the number one reason for non-compliance on tax returns was due to…Quickbooks!  This is not an indictment of the software as much as it is the reality that the vast majority of Quickbooks users are ill-prepared to properly use the software.  Thus, entries are made that are incorrect-resulting in overlooked deductions on the tax return, balance sheets that don’t balance, profits or losses understated or overstated, and a myriad of other accounting nightmares that lead to potential tax or payroll nightmares.  Of course, this all leads to much higher professional fees to accountants to clean up the mess at tax time…but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Our bookkeeping services are tailored to fit the needs of your business, and we offer complete, turnkey solutions designed to keep your businesses financial transactions up-to-date, accurate, & in compliance with taxing authorities.  Utilizing easy-to-use yet sophisticated accounting software, we offer both online and local access to your bookkeeping records, disaster-recovery capabilities, 24/7 access to your financial statements and tax returns via our secure website, and a professional staff with years of practical, real world accounting experience in a variety of industries. 

Our professionals prepare your monthly financial statements such as the balance sheet and income statement, reconcile your checkbook(s), and make any necessary adjusting entries, properly calculate and showcase depreciation, and answer any questions you may have. 

To discuss getting started with using our bookkeeping solutions and begin getting your entity tax return prepared for FREE, call or email us today!  One of our professional staff members will be happy to discuss implementing the appropriate solution for your business.

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